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New layer pad washer

20 November 2013

As we are all aware, the world market is constantly changing.  Therefore, as an international company, Numafa Cleaning & Automation continually develops the machines both in the areas of technological advancement and environmental sustainability. In the design process of our machines, the use of sustainable energy is one of our main principles. 

As we continue to explore new technical options for our machines, we have built a new and environmentally friendly layer pad washer. This new machine, placed on the market mid-2013, cleans layer pads that are widely used in both glass and tin industries using ultraviolet technology. This cleaning system ensures that all bacteria are killed, whilst at the same time reducing the quantity of water used.

The new layer pad washer is also highly efficient, because one machine can clean two different layer pads, both 2-4mm thick for the glass industry and 0.8mm thick for the tin industry.

Numafa Director, Hans Andeweg, is pleased to report that both industries can benefit from this layer pad washer with new ultraviolet cleaning technology.

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