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Numafa introduces Parts Washer

11 March 2013

Numafa has added a new product to its range of cleaning machines, the NPW.
 The Numafa Parts Washer is suitable for small parts and / or utensils, which needs to be cleaned in
a relatively low capacity.

The machine has 4 wash programs and is designed in such a way that the machine itself is easy to clean as well. 
On request a variety of applications can be provided, such as a condenser and a heat pump. Additional information can be found here.

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02 July 2017

Half year on new location

At the moment we are already a half year located at our new facility. Looking back at the first six months, we can say we have a positive feeling. It was a busy period for all our employees, but after all we received some very good results.
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02 January 2017

Numafa has Moved

Since the 2nd of January 2017, Numafa has moved to his new facility at the Sikkel 1, 3274 KK, Heinenoord.
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09 May 2016

The new factory

Numafa Cleaning & Automation and Van Rennes Industrial Automation member of Worldwide Cleaning & Automation Group are proud to announce the new location to be realized at the Business park “Hoeksche Waard” Heinenoord.
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17 March 2016

Numafa develops new factory in combination with Hercuton

Numafa is going to develop a new factory in combination with Hercuton for Numafa Cleaning & Automation and Van Rennes Industrial Automation to work together from the same location.
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01 June 2015

Very successful bakery exhibition in Shanghai

Numafa was presented at the Bakery China Exhibition.
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