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CWM 1000

Container Washers
Container Washer CWM-1000
Container Washer CWM-1000

Kabinet Dolav Wasmachine

This industrial container washing machine is specially designed to clean "Dolav bins" and 1000 litre containers. The containers can easily be positioned from floor level onto the electrically operated 180 ° tilt door, on which the container is fixed by means of an adjustable product guide.

After the security operations are ready, the start button can be pressed, after which the following operations are automatically carried out: close door - wash - rinse - short drip period – door open - stop.

The complete cleaning process consists of a wash and rinsing process. The containers are internally and externally cleaned by nozzles on a motorized rotating spraying frame.

Advantages of this machine:

  • From 6 to 25 containers per hour
  • Compact and robust construction
  • In-line installation is possible (separation of soiled and cleaned containers)
  • Water saving through intelligent control program
  • Easy to integrate into an automated line
  • Extension with pre-wash process is possible
  • A stand-alone drum filter can be used for heavily soiled containers
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