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Container Washers
Cwm dlt

Tunnel Dolav Wasmachine

This industrial container washing machine is designed to clean "Dolav bins" and 1000 litre containers and can wash a high volume per hour. After putting the containers on the entry side of the washing machine by using a fork lift truck, they are automatically transported into the washing tunnel, by means of a driven chain conveyor.

The guides, in the automatic washing system, can easily be adjusted to the correct product size, so that smooth transport is achieved. After washing, the clean containers, can be removed from the outfeed conveyor by fork lift truck.

Other features of this machine:

  • 50 to 125 containers per hour
  • Washing system can be extended with extra washing zones (e.g.: pre wash, main wash and rinsing section)
  • In the case of heavy soiling the use of a drum filter is possible
  • For very complicated soiling an (optional) oscillating spray frame directed inside the containers offers a solution
  • If no forklift trucks are available, automatic Numafa tipping devices before and after the washer can be provided
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