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Crate Washers

Eco Clean Master

Up to 2000 crates per hour


Eco Clean Master Quality

Up to 5000 crates per hour

Eco Clean Master Professional

Up to 7500 crates per hour

Crate Washer Eco Clean Master Professional

The crate washers build by Numafa are the top crate washers in the industrial cleaning and automation market for many years. Since five years Numafa developed not only highly reliable and efficient crate washer, but the crate washers had a very low footprint when it concerns power and water consumption. This not only benefits the environment but also the return of investment of the crate washers itself. Do you want to know more about our crate washers, please visit our product pages or give us a call? We are glad to talk to you and see how we can advise you the best crate washer. One thing is sure, the best crate washer is a Numafa crate washer.