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Eco Clean Master Quality

Crate washers type-ECM-Q
Crate washer ECM Q
Crate washer ECM Q
Crate washer ECM Q

The ECM Quality is designed to clean up to 2,500 crates per hour, with medium to heavy soiling. This type of machine has a lifting canopy over the entire length of the machine, which ensures that the machine is easy to clean and to maintain.

Due to our standardized program, a large range of extra components can be added, so we can fulfill the specific requirements  of each industry and different types of soiling.

Some examples are:

  • From 500 to 2,500 crates per hour
  • A rotating drum filter on one or more washing zones, this ensures that heavy soiling is removed from the washing system
  • A high pressure spraying system for removing labels and adhesive residue
  • A second transport chain, in case folding crates need to be transported over the system
  • A plastic chain can be provided, in case mild steel baking sheets need to be transported over the system
  • Adjustments can be made, to wash unsorted crates with different heights
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