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Eco Clean Master Quality-Double Track

Crate Washer ECM Q-DT
Crate Washer ECM Q-DT

The type ECM Q-DT is designed to clean up to 5,000 crates per hour which are medium to heavily soiled. This double-track machine is extremely flexible, because this machine can be expanded with a large number of additional components. Therefore this machine can meet your exact requirements.

Some examples are:

  • A rotating drum filter on one or more washing zones, to ensure that heavy soiling is removed out of the washing system
  • A high pressure spraying system for removing labels and adhesive residue
  • A second transport chain per track in case of folding crates
  • A plastic chain can be provided, should mild steel baking sheets need to be transported over the system
  • Adjustments can be made,  to wash unsorted crates with different heights

Other advantages of this type of machine are:

  • The machine is provided with two tracks,  each track is provided with its own driven chain conveyor, its own spraying system and its own circulation pumps. This results in twice as many crates being washed per hour compared to a single-track machine
  • As both tracks can run independently due to each track having its own pump and gear motor, there is the added benefit of running one track only in the event of reduced capacity or breakdown
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