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The automatic Numafa crates (de) stackers, destack and / or stack crates in a simple but fast and effective manner. Besides the different types of foldable and rigid crates, crates with bail arms and nestable crates, can be processed by this system. Depending on the required quantity per hour and product types, our systems will (de)stack from below or from the to and also will (de)stack one or more stacks simultaneously.

The machine operates as a stand alone system, but can also be integrated in a production linefrom third parties or Numafa.

Depending on the required capacity and crate, Numafa offers different types of (de) stackers, which are as follows:

  • (De) stackers from below
  • (De) stackers from above
  • Cross links (de) stackers (cross-stacked)
  • Tilt (de) stackers
  • Rotating destackers
  • Lift stackers
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