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Numafa Parts Washer

Numafa Part Washer
Parts Washer

In your production often a relatively low quantity of small parts and / or tools will need to be washed. Especially for this applications, Numafa has the NPW in its delivery program. Due to the compact design and simple operation, this machine can be integrated in your production easily.

The process consists of both a main and rinsing section.A separate rotating spray frame is provided for each process.

Other advantages of this machine:

  • Completely stainless steel dual plating, AISI 304 ( excluding appendages)
  • Balanced door, which is easy to open
  • Excellent access to the machine for cleaning and maintenance
  • Digital display of main wash  and rinse temperature
  • Automatic start of washing program after closing the door
  • 4 wash programs (short - medium - long and intensive)
  • Acoustic signal at the end of the wash cycle
  • Automatic self-cleaning cycle
  • Storage tank for fresh water rinse process
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