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A visual introduction to Numafa

A clear vision of mechanical cleaning

Numafa Cleaning & Automation is the global leader in industrial cleaning and handling systems. Numafa develops, manufactures and sells machines for both food and non-food industries and also provides full service worldwide. We also produce systems for (de) palletising, (de) stacking, crate folding and unfolding, storage and transport. Our headquarters is located in Heinenoord, the Netherlands and we have a worldwide network of agents.

Cleaning with proven methods


To clean your products, the theory of “Sinnerse Circle” is applied. This means that we achieve optimum cleaning results, because we adjust the components "time", "temperature", "detergent" and "mechanical force" in the right way for your application.

Depending on the design of your product and the degree of soiling, your system will be compiled in such way that all your products to be washed are optimally clean.

Working at Numafa

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Numafa News

07 October 2014

Numafa donates crate washer to Food Bank Dordrecht

The Food Bank Dordrecht has recently received a crate washer from Numafa Cleaning & Automation
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01 May 2014

New filtration on washing system

Development of a new filtration system
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20 November 2013

New layer pad washer

Numafa launches new layer pad washer with ultraviolet technology for the glass and tin industry
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09 July 2013

Visit College of Mayor and Aldermen of the municipality Binnenmaas to Numafa

Visit College of Mayor and Aldermen of the municipality Binnenmaas to Numafa
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