Reinigingsoplossingen voor de voedingsindustrie

Optimal hygiene in every branch of the food industry

Our extensive washing expertise ensures optimal hygiene in any branch of the food industry. We offer innovative, durable and robust solutions for any reusable mold or product carrier.



The meat industry often deals with heavily soiled and contaminated products. Cleaning meat residues, proteins, fat and blood according to the strict hygiene regulations that apply requires a specialized solution.


Our systems can clean and dry the following, among others:


  • ham molds.
  • E1, E2, E3 euronorm crates.
  • 200 and 300 liter standard truck (Eurobin) and V-mags.
  • dolav bins.

Fruits & vegetables

In the fruit & vegetables sector, product carriers are used from harvest to supermarket. Choosing the right washing system requires expertise.


Our systems can clean and dry the following, among others:


  • rigid crates
  • folding crates with various latches
  • bail arm crates
  • pallet / dolav boxes


Scales, fat, ink residue, salty conditions and a short logistic cycle for the loading and unloading of nestable crates and lids require a reliable washing system that meets the most stringent hygiene standards.


Our cleaning systems feature:


  • optimal filtration for filtering scales.
  • high-pressure spray system for removing ink.
  • the right washing parameters for fat removal.
  • stainless steel-316 finish for use in salty environments.


In the beverage industry, many different product carriers are used to package and transport both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Numafa’s systems are the perfect solution for cleaning product carriers and removing stickers and labels, as they are equipped with different water pressures and filtration features.


Our systems can clean and dry the following, among others:


  • beer and lemonade crates
  • kegs
  • casks
  • layer pads
  • plastic pallets and top frames


The dairy industry utilises a wide variety of reusable product carriers. This sector requires a specific cleaning approach that meets the highest hygiene standards.


Our systems can clean and dry the following, among others:


  • crates
  • racks (rics)
  • cheese molds
  • buckets
  • plastic pallets

Bread & pastries

From heavily soiled baking trays to crates that have contained packaged bread. Within the bread & pastry industry, many different product carriers are used and the degree of contamination can vary widely.


Our systems can clean and dry the following, among others:


  • chocolate molds
  • baking trays
  • baking molds
  • connected loaf pans
  • broban crates
  • omega baskets
  • dollies
  • standard carts
  • plastic pallets
  • peelboards

Solutions for the food industry

We develop, manufacture and supply high-quality cleaning machines for all branches of the food industry and also provide full service.

Industrial cleaning solutions for various industries

Numafa has a solution for every industrial cleaning issue. Our systems can be effortlessly adapted to the processes of companies operating in the metal & automotive, chemistry, pool & logistics and jar & can industries. From washing, drying, and automation to (de)stacking and (de)palletizing, our versatile solutions fit perfectly into a wide variety of production environments.

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