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A pallet washer for every pallet size

Over the past 40 years at Numafa, we have encountered countless projects and production processes. As an expert full-service partner, we configure, manufacture and supply industrial pallet washers worldwide. The machines can be set to the correct pallet size. In addition, our pallet washers can be connected into automated production lines. Whether you need small or large numbers of pallets cleaned, we can always provide a customized configuration. We offer:

  • technical advice and comprehensive service in configuring, manufacturing and delivering the right pallet washer.
  • robust machines equipped with durable long-life parts.
  • user-friendly solutions that are easy to operate.
  • an expert service department and a well-organized spare parts department.
  • sustainable and modular solutions that are energy saving and easily shipped around the world.
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Our pallet washers can:

  • wash up to 500 pallets per hour.
  • wash variable size pallets.
  • depending on capacity and type of soiling, be equipped with multiple wash zones.
  • be expanded with optional components such as vapor extraction, additional filtration, chemical dosing and drying options.
  • be configured as a combined model for cleaning both crates and pallets.

Pallet washer versions

We have two types of pallet washers with optional components. Our technical advisors will be happy to help you find a suitable pallet washer for your production process.

Expert advice?

Implementing pallet washers into an existing production process or space requires custom configuration. Contact Gerrit. He is one of our experienced and knowledgeable technical advisors and is happy to help you develop the right solution.

Technical advisor Gerrit

Energy-efficient drying option for washed pallets

To store washed pallets in a dry environment, an energy-efficient air blow section can be added. Pallets can be conveyed directly from the washing area to the air blow section via a conveyor chain.

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