Vaatwasser met deur open.

Durable long-life parts washers

Our parts washers are compact, hygienic and robustly built. We configure and supply various models that effectively clean parts by combining rotation, nozzles, water and soap in the right ratios. Our machines last a long time because we use durable parts. With more than 40 years of technical knowledge and experience, we are happy to help you put together the best cleaning solution. We offer:

  • technical advice and comprehensive service in configuring and supplying the right parts washer.
  • robust machines equipped with durable long-life parts.
  • user-friendly solutions that are easy to operate.
  • an expert service department and a well-organized spare parts department.
  • sustainable and modular solutions that are energy saving and easily shipped around the world.
Binnenkant van een vaatwasser.

Our parts washers can:

  • clean, degrease, phosphate, passivate and remove paint.
  • be configured with timers for washing and rinsing.
  • be easily operated.
  • be expanded with optional components.

Parts washer versions

We have parts washers in different designs and sizes. Our technical advisors will be happy to inform you about the different models and options.

Can we help you with anything?

Wondering how our parts washers fit into your production process? Our experienced technical advisor Marnick is happy to help. Please contact us.

Technical adviser Marnick

Dedicated to service

At Numafa, we are committed to our customers and build strong customer relationships. After all, production processes must continue to run at all times. To ensure that our industrial parts washers remain in good working order, we take care of everything before, during and after the purchase of a system. We have a well-organized and dedicated service department and you can come to us for spare parts. Whether you have a service or maintenance question, our service team will help you get back on your feet quickly.


If you have a question about our products, please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or use the form below. You will receive a response as soon as possible.

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Want to learn more about our parts washers?

Have a question? Want to learn more about our parts washers? Contact our experienced technical advisors: +31 (0) 186 650 850. You can also opt for filling out the contact form; we will get back to you as soon as possible. Together, we will find the best solution for your production process.

  • Customized advice.
  • We take care of everything, from A to Z.
  • High quality.