Service & Maintenance

Certainty with customized service and maintenance

Our professional maintenance and prompt support provide assurance. Our service capabilities reduce the risk of failure and extend the service life of systems. Whether it’s a service call or maintenance call, our experienced service team is ready to respond quickly and solve any problems. We offer various services, so you can always count on continuity.

Our services

We offer various services, from standard maintenance and inspection to quick repairs or training. In addition, our experienced service team is available 24 hours a day for remote assistance in case of malfunctions. Whether it’s simple service questions or more complex problems, we take care of everything and get you back on your feet quickly.

Service contracts

A customized service contract offers assurance. We offer several options for ensuring your system is inspected on a regular basis. Our knowledgeable mechanics will meticulously inspect your machine and make their recommendations. In addition, our service contracts offer options for:


  • 24/7 help desk/remote support. Using the emergency number, our service engineers are available 24 hours a day to assist with problems over the phone. We can also watch remotely, analyze problems and take over systems if needed.


  • electrical installation safety inspection. We are certified to inspect electrical installations according to the NEN-EN-60204-1/IEC 204-1 standard and label them with a seal of approval showing that the installation meets legal safety standards.


In addition to continuity in the production process, entering into a service contract with us offers you a 10% discount on labor and parts. In addition, you are able to view the prioritization if multiple service requests are running at the same time.

Convert, overhaul & move

Your system may require modifications over time due to changing requirements. This could include adding chemical dosing systems, attaching a vapor extractor or commissioning a second track. You may even require more radical changes, such as an increase in capacity or the addition of (de)stackers, centrifuges and filtration units. Numafa is happy to provide advice and can help convert your systems.


Intensive use of our cleaning systems can cause wear and tear over the years. Overhauling obsolete systems restores functionality and reliability. As a result, they will last longer and their operational performance is improved. Whether it’s replacing key components, thoroughly cleaning and maintaining the system or replacing worn parts, our experienced service team helps existing systems function like new once more.


Moving systems from one location to another often poses a major logistical challenge. Numafa is happy to provide advice and can assist you in dissembling, transporting, installating and recalibrating of the machine line at the new location.


Downtime, and wear and tear of components due to misuse can result in hefty costs. Operators and maintenance workers with the right knowledge and skills can prevent this from happening. To help you with prevention, we also offer customized training. In these trainings, our experienced service engineers cover topics such as:


  • Cleaning and regular maintenance
  • Safety
  • Controls & parameters
  • Mechanical operation
  • Electrical operation
  • Analyzing and resolving malfunctions


Our trainings are interactive, cover both theoretical knowledge and practical application, provide plenty of opportunity for addressing specific topics, and conclude with the presentation of a certificate of participation for all participants.


At Numafa, we like to help you set up your production process as efficiently as possible. That is why we offer several consulting services:


Maintenance strategy
Preventive maintenance reduces overall maintenance costs and increases production and uptime. We are happy to help you create a maintenance schedule that ensures minimal disruption of production. We are also happy to advise you on the use of maintenance scorecards and how to measure and analyze critical data. Alongside one of our experts, you will draw up a comprehensive maintenance strategy.


Stock management
Keeping parts in stock prevents unnecessary wear and minimizes downtime. Our experts will be happy to prepare an inventory plan for you and advise you on which parts to stock. They look at critical parts, wear parts, price, delivery time and risk, and they analyze parts usage data.


Consumption Management
The consumption of gas, electricity, water and chemicals can result in hefty expenses. Our experts are happy to provide advice on possible areas for improvement. In addition, they can periodically measure the data and adjust their recommendations as circumstances dictate.


Continuous improvement
Within a production process, there are always things that could be done better, faster or more efficiently. That’s why we can also assist you by providing ongoing advice. We can advise you on ways to extend the service life of our industrial cleaning systems, reduce downtime and increase capacity.

We provide service on:

We keep all of our industrial cleaning systems in optimal condition. We provide service on:

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