WCA Group partners with Anders Invest

To continue the future growth and expand their opportunities the WCA Group has decided to partner with Anders Invest. The two directors- shareholders have sold 70% of the shares of the company to Anders invest. Director Ton Bervoets will leave the company at the end of 2017. Hans Andeweg will remain CEO of the group with an important minority interest. Also, as per the 5th of December 2017, Patty van Broekhoven will be appointed as operational director. Through this step, Numafa hopes to expand their services and professionalize their organization.

WCA Group consists of Numafa Cleaning & Automation and Van Rennes Industrial Automation (VRIA). There are facilities in Holland, Germany and Italy. Numafa is a worldwide leader in the market for production and sales of cleaning systems for re-usable packaging. These plastic packagings are used increasingly in the food processing industry. Numafa designs and assembles the cleaning lines, which process thousands of crates per hour at high speed. The company has a worldwide network of customers and counts big supermarkets and fastfood chains to its clientele. VRIA develops the automation and software for the Numafa system, but also provides these services to other external companies.

Numafa has grown a lot over the last years and sees plenty of opportunities to continue this growth. Reusable packaging for food processing is upcoming worldwide and the demands for cleaning are rising. Numafa wants to remain a key player in this market by investing in automation and durability. The managing board of WCA Group looks forward to the cooperation with Anders Invest and has a confident view on the future to expand the stable organization which they have built together with their approximately 100 employees.